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I am Anakin.
Yes, my name is from Star Wars. My parents let me pick my own English name when I was five, and I’ve gone with it ever since.

I am a storyteller, social media strategist, and photographer. My work has a large emphasis on diversity, and I am passionate about campaigns that focus on unity and bringing communities together.

I graduated and received my Master's degree in Communication in Digital Media at the University of Washington in 2019. The program I was in — Communication Leadership — helped taking my storytelling skills to the next level.

I'm always doing something related to photography, even during my down time  you can catch me watching reviews of equipment, scrolling through Instagram, taking pictures of my girlfriend with the dogs she meets on the street (I happen to be a great Instagram boyfriend), and exploring the city I'm in - my guilty pleasure is eating out, but I justify that by taking some dope pictures of food.


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