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Food Lifeline

Organizational Communication

Spring 2018 | COMMLD 546


Since 1979, Food Lifeline works to end hunger and feed those in need in Western Washington. With a gigantic facility built in South Park, Seattle, WA, the organization has the space capacity to rescue, sort and repackage a larger volume of food. However, they need more awareness about their operations through digital media assets to raise more donation dollars and volunteers to run their operation.

Challenges & Solutions

Our team noticed three key challenges that are preventing optimum support: 

  1. Website Organization

  2. Operating Revenue Deficit

  3. Inconsistent Social Media Assets

We made three suggestions on how our client could improve from their current situation:

  1. Prototype website uses Food Lifeline’s in-house materials to create a modern look while still adhering to the brand’s guidelines.

  2. Utilizing storytelling narrative for Donation & Volunteers that tells patrons how their support would have multiple benefits for organization, community, and the environment.

  3. Developing curated, relevant content across social media platforms can increase trust, satisfaction, and engagement which, in turn, lead to an increase in volunteerism, donations, and partnerships.

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