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Smashing Ideas

Brand Values and Creativity

Winter 2019 | COMMLD 520

Smashing Ideas (SI) is a design and innovation consultancy. Offering a range of services from business strategy and service design, to visual design and development, their Motivational UX process accelerates digital transformation and increases end user engagement.

Our team work with SI to create a marketing video that serves to move the target audience down the marketing/sales funnel at the awareness/interest point in an effort to increase deeper understanding of the Smashing Ideas brand. We had a few ideas on the video. At first we came up with two — Journey of an Idea and This is Us. The former shows how an idea flows through inside the company, while the latter is a brand anthem video.

Yet, after meeting with SI for a few times, our team decide the essence of the video should focus on SI's clients and partnership. The partnership between SI and their clients make both parties to be better together and be a better duo. And the final video showcases just that.

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